Projects and Such

I’ve worked hard an another project that is very close to my heart and one that has twirled in my heart for years. I’m sending it out tomorrow. We will see what happens. This particular project is one for young girls. My own daughter who is now 23 is a lot of the inspiration. I love projects that engage kids in not only thinking, but hands on activities that connect with them on several levels. Actually, all the projects I am involved in right now contain that layer of hands on activities. I love creating. I love creating things where kids are involved in creating. :)

On another note, I’m gathering books from my shelf to add to the SCBWI auction at the upcoming convention. Ugh, it is always so hard to part with books. Here is a one I am laying on the alter.

I really love this book. Hope someone else will be inspired by it too. Then again, maybe it won’t sell and I’ll get it back, kind if like Abraham and Isaac.

Scan 57.jpeg

The Titanic Exhibit

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to visit the Titanic exhibit at the Mayborn Museum in Waco, Texas. It is a beautiful museum with lots of interactive designs for children and adults. At the beginning of the Titanic tour, each guest is handed a boarding pass with a name of an actual passenger that was on the ship that fateful trip. Each pass has a little information about who the passenger was and why they were on the Titanic. Mine was Hilda Slater. She was returning from a trip to England where she had purchased her wedding dress and was about to be married when arriving in New York. She was 30 years old and had given up on a singing career funded by her brother for many years with no success. Winding through the exhibit, I couldn't help but think about Hilda, wondering if she survived or not. At the end of the exhibit, guests locate the passenger name on their pass among all the names of survivors and non survivors. The names are on a large wall. The lists are organized by first class, second class, third class, and staff. Looking at the lists visually, helped me see the devastating number of lives that were lost and made them real individual people. My passenger was one of the survivors. The staff had the greatest number of casualties followed by third class passengers who were housed in lower areas of the ship. Such a sad story knowing how easily such a tragedy could have been avoided.

I have seen and read so many books on the Titanic, but this exhibit gave me some new ideas for some creative projects for kids and stories that have not been told, or at least I don't think so. Research will let me know if I am right about that or not.   

Titanic pass.jpg

Creative Opportunities

Researching, writing, reading, writing, research, write, read, ......... These are my days right now. I'm working on a proposal for a large writing project for children. It is a massive subject, but fascinating information weaved with real stories. I can hardly unglue myself from my office, I get so wrapped up in the writing and researching and reading. Truly excited about this challenge!

 I took a little break to review the new Sparky story set in the Amazon just sent to me. It is the second picture book for Spark Worldwide and I am so excited about the writing  and illustrations I'll be doing. Etsy shop will only have a few hours each week right now as I am focusing on this big project. 

Feeling grateful for these opportunities.

Etsy Shop Open!

Yay! My etsy shop is finally open and running as of this evening. I only have a few items listed right now to get my feet wet . Each month I'll add a few new items. All the shipping materials are stocked and for sale items ready to go. Now, just working to get the word out and wait for someone to actually purchase something. 


Sparky and Jimmy: Sparky's Uganda Adventure


A new picture book I illustrated is now in print: Sparky and Jimmy: Sparky's Uganda Adventure. This is a book that Guardian Angel published for Spark Worldwide, an organization that helps children in many places around the world. Two of their ten orphanages are in Uganda: one for babies and one for children. They try very hard to place children in loving homes first, then the orphanage as a second option.

It was an incredible experience working on these pictures. The story is by Leanna Brewer, the founder of Spark Worldwide. It was like I felt her heart for these kids as I drew and painted. Her heart and hearts of all the Spark team are Huge for children, truly filled with a love that longs to give. Hearing her talk about the children she comes in contact with challenges me to allow my heart to be enlarged for others, especially children. I think sometimes, we see pictures of kids in other countries and feel like it is overwhelming or that our little gift really wont make much of a difference. As I worked on this book, I realized that is just  not true. Helping one child have shoes, one child have a home or new pair of clothes or school book, makes a difference in that one life. One life is incredibly valuable. I realized that this past year also as my dad died. Helping care for him for several months before his death, I came to see more clearly  how valuable one person is.

Leanna also had a vision for this book  to be filled with joy, the joy that children are experiencing through the love of God that  Spark Worldwide is giving. I think she did a beautiful job of sharing with very young children a glimpse of what another child in another country might experience in a way that is not scary or a big downer. It is loaded with hope and love, just like the Spark Team's hearts are.

 SPARK: Saving, Protecting, And Raising Kids:

The book can be ordered on Amazon: Sparky and Jimmy: Sparky's Uganda Adventure and also on the Gaurdian Angel website. There is also a companion coloring book that can be found on the Guardian Angel website.   

NEW FINAL 2-3.jpg


I was going through work in my studio/office and found this drawing form a few years back. It is a drawing I did of one of my art students. I remember having so much fun with the details on this piece. I have loved drawing since as far back as I can remember.


Late Night

Last night I worked until 2:00 in the morning adding type boxes and type on a picture book project. I finished up this morning, or at least I think so. The editor will confirm that. This is the first time I've had the opportunity to take part in that phase of the book making process and it is definitely a learning process. Several of the pages had to be redone a couple of times. It is much like rewriting. I actually loved it. Every time I write and rewrite, and every time I redo text boxes and illustration layout, I am learning. The creating process is a blast, a heck of a lot of work, but a blast!