We have a tradition for many years of having family at our house for thanksgiving. We started this when my youngest child was three. She is now 22. Some years we have had about 30 people, most years somewhere between 14-20. I spend days getting everything ready and trying to make is as memorable as I can. I do miss the years all my kids lived at home and we worked together as a family preparing the house and food. Yet, there is something very precious about creating such an important memory for myself and especially for those I love, even if a lot of it is by myself nowadays. Nothing is ever perfect. Something is messed up in the cooking stage or cold instead of hot as it should be. The right words are not always said to each other and sometimes someone might even say something hurtful.  Yet, every imperfect year we come together to celebrate and eat and play, and to give thanks for all that we have, together. As tired as I am this evening after everyone is gone, I am thankful it is in my home.