Science and Mystery

A writing project that is consuming a lot of my time right now is one that involves science and mystery. The research is so interesting. My husband has reminded me of all the I Shouldn't Be Alive shows I have watched along with all the Locked Up Abroad ones too. I guess I am more of a real life drama mystery person than I thought. We went and saw the new Murder on the Orient Express movie last night for a little inspiration and I loved it. It is not as action packed as today's stories, but very well done and a movie that makes the viewer have to think. The cinematography was exceptional. Okay, inspired. Now back to writing. 

Oh, along the same line, but completely different are utube photoshop tutorials that are helping me with the picture book I am working on. Mystery, because I did not know how to do it and science..well, technology is close. Here is one that is very helpful in reference to masks: