Today my family celebrated my dad's 91st birthday. Yesterday was my mom and dad's 61st wedding anniversary. It is a bittersweet time because my dad has alzheimer's. He was well aware, though that it was his birthday and that we were all there for him. He listened intently to every card read to him. He wanted those cards next to him the rest of the day. We have all spent much time telling him how much we love him and appreciate him, asking him for forgiveness for whatever we feel we need to. Our cards were filled with more words, words of love and gratitude and honor. Words. The words we speak and how we say them are so important. My belief is that the world was created by words. The best selling book of all time records it. As a writer, as a daughter, a wife, parent, friend, my words make a difference in others lives and hearts. I know because I saw it on my dad's face today.