It has been awhile since my last post.  My siblings and I were assisting my mom with the care of my dad.  He died a week and a half ago at age 91.  We were all there with him and all his grandchildren got to see him in the last few weeks of his life.  Still recovering and helping my mom pull life back together, we are very thankful for all the good amidst the difficult time seeing my dad with dementia the last several years and many agonizing days watching him slowly stop eating. I love my Dad immensely and so thankful for the promise of being with him again one day. 

Now it is time to pick up my projects and paints as I am surrounded by all the beautiful woodworking items he made.  He was an artist too although he did not think of himself as such. We actually worked together on ornaments and other items. 

Today after church I drove out in the country through several small towns looking at green hills and goats and horses. I watched Miss Potter, the movie about Beatrix Potter after I got back.  It was so beautiful and just what I needed to start the week.