Holiday Season Project

The holidays are quickly approaching and what a beautiful start to the season-our daughter is engaged to be married! The proposal took place under a beautifully lighted tree that actually reminds me of my logo tree. We could not be happier for them. In the midst of wedding preparations, I am busy working on the second picture book for Spark Worldwide International. It is a story about giving that I think will resonate strongly with children. It is a true story of two little girls in Columbia. I am tackling the dummy a little differently than I have done before, focusing on the main characters on each spread first instead of completing the whole scene on each spread. I hope that this will keep me connected to the characters well and consistent in rendering them. This story is a bit more challenging for me illustration wise and I love that. I can’t wait to get to the coloring stage.

Other current projects included writing the second journal story in a series for girls and completing the final illustrations for an activity book. I am hoping to fit in time to send off some writing samples to at least one educational publishing company before the first of the year. My Etsy Shop? On hold for now.

The first spread of the book is one that did not contain the characters but sets the stage for the Columbia/Amazon River setting. Here is a little clip: