First Woman Detective

I am so happy to have found this book written in 2016 by Elizabeth Van Steenwyk. It is the interesting story of Kate Warne, the first female detective at the Pinkerton Detective Agency. The  story itself is fascinating, but the time period in which it took place is particularly interesting to me. Some of the research I am sorting through right now has to do with criminals and the 1800's. I had never heard of the famous Pinkerton Detective Agency, which is still around today. He actually used mugshots before Bertillon, but Bertillon was the first to use them and create them in a scientific investigative manor. Pinkerton is more known for wanted posters. Anyway, all this is super interesting to the nerd side of me as I am journeying through this research and writing project. Coming across new information that is connected with my research is like finding hidden treasure, and when it is found in a children's book,'s like eating a hot fudge sundae at the same time.