Projects and Such

I’ve worked hard an another project that is very close to my heart and one that has twirled around inside of me for years. I’m sending it out tomorrow. We will see what happens. This particular project is one for young girls. My own daughter who is now 23 is a lot of the inspiration. I love projects that engage kids in not only thinking, but hands on activities that connect with them on several levels. Actually, all the projects I am involved in right now contain that layer of hands on activities. I love creating. I love creating things where kids are involved in creating. :)

On another note, I’m gathering books from my shelf to add to the SCBWI auction at the upcoming convention. Ugh, it is always so hard to part with books. Here is a one I am laying on the alter.

I really love this book. Hope someone else will be inspired by it too. Then again, maybe it won’t sell and I’ll get it back, kind if like Abraham and Isaac.

Scan 57.jpeg