Artist Lance Brown

Lance Brown is a local artist that actually performed/painted at my niece's school last year. He is a speed painter and really unusual and remarkable in the way he expresses with paint.

Science and Mystery

A writing project that is consuming a lot of my time right now is one that involves science and mystery. The research is so interesting. My husband has reminded me of all the I Shouldn't Be Alive shows I have watched along with all the Locked Up Abroad ones too. I guess I am more of a real life drama mystery person than I thought. We went and saw the new Murder on the Orient Express movie last night for a little inspiration and I loved it. It is not as action packed as today's stories, but very well done and a movie that makes the viewer have to think. The cinematography was exceptional. Okay, inspired. Now back to writing. 

Oh, along the same line, but completely different are utube photoshop tutorials that are helping me with the picture book I am working on. Mystery, because I did not know how to do it and science..well, technology is close. Here is one that is very helpful in reference to masks:



We have a tradition for many years of having family at our house for thanksgiving. We started this when my youngest child was three. She is now 22. Some years we have had about 30 people, most years somewhere between 14-20. I spend days getting everything ready and trying to make is as memorable as I can. I do miss the years all my kids lived at home and we worked together as a family preparing the house and food. Yet, there is something very precious about creating such an important memory for myself and especially for those I love, even if a lot of it is by myself nowadays. Nothing is ever perfect. Something is messed up in the cooking stage or cold instead of hot as it should be. The right words are not always said to each other and sometimes someone might even say something hurtful.  Yet, every imperfect year we come together to celebrate and eat and play, and to give thanks for all that we have, together. As tired as I am this evening after everyone is gone, I am thankful it is in my home. 


New England Writers From the Past

Mark Twain's House

Mark Twain's House

My husband and I spent a few days in New England this past week and had the joy of visiting two old homes of two famous writers. They both lived in Hartford, Connecticut and were actually next door neighbors. We went through Mark Twain's house the day we flew in to Hartford and went through Harriet Beecher Stowe's home the day we left. I'm glad we saw them different days because it gave me a chance to let each experience simmer in my thoughts all to itself for awhile. 

The tour guides for Mark Twain's house are actors who portray people who lived in his home. They stay completely in character while guiding visitors through each elaborate, gorgeous room. Our guide was actually the butler, who was also Twain's close friend. 

Harriet Beecher Stowe's home is still in restoration progress but filled with the most interesting info about her. In fact, I came home and looked up more about her already. I have never actually read Uncle Tom's cabin, but I hope to find the time.



The butler




Loving Vincent

An art teacher friend of mine just shared with me about this upcoming film titled Loving Vincent. It looks incredible! It is the first full feature oil painted film. Van Gogh's paintings literally come to life! As I understand it, the story revolves around the mystery of his death. This is right down my alley, mystery and paintings..what more could you want. It looks like the movie, at least for now, is only showing at art theaters. I very much hope I can manage to see it.  Amazing!