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Stories are in our DNA. Whether we prefer hearing them told by a relative, reading them from a book, or watching them on a screen, we all enjoy and learn from stories. I have always loved telling stories with words and pictures ever since I was a little girl. I would spend hours writing, drawing, and painting pictures. It is still what I love doing today.

Teaching seems to be in my blood as well. It just comes through in my projects. I love to inspire creative discovery. It is what I call IMAGICATION. Learning should be an adventurous, mind expanding, fun, creative journey that excites and ignites children in their hearts as well as their heads. I have taught art classes for children for 14 years now and I have found that their creativity fuels my own.

After high school, I earned an associates degree in child development and a bachelor's degree in illustration. Soon after college, I married a comedian math major (he keeps me laughing and balances the budget) and had four amazing children in eight years. Our home has always been full of creativity: children running around imagining, drawing, painting, singing, and making movies. Our two grandchildren continue the joyous cycle.

When I am not busy writing and illustrating, I enjoy teaching art classes and visiting schools, hoping to impart imagication in all the new friends I meet.

SCBWI Member