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I have always loved telling stories with words and pictures ever since I was a little girl. I would spend hours writing poems and stories, drawing, and painting pictures. It is still what I love doing today. My parents owned a hardware store when I was growing up. All kinds of interesting tools lined the aisles there, tools when used properly could help create amazing things. Today I use many tools, not the kind for building a tree house or a fort, but literary and artistic ones that help build stories.

Teaching seems to be in my blood as well. It just comes through in my projects. I love to inspire creative discovery. It is what I call IMAGICATION. Learning should be an adventurous, mind expanding, fun, creative journey that excites and ignites children in their hearts as well as their heads. That passion was probably fueled even more from teaching art for 14 years to children from preschool through high school.

My love of children led me to earn an associates degree in child development and my love of art and story telling, a bachelor's degree in illustration. Soon after college, I married my funny man, a comedian math major (he keeps me laughing and balances the budget) and had four amazing children in eight years. Our two grandchildren continue the joyous cycle.

I have written and/or illustrated six picture books with Guardian Angel Publishing, created coloring book stories for Warner Press, and published stories and illustrations in various magazines for children. When I am not busy writing and illustrating, I enjoy visiting schools, hoping to impart imagication in all the new friends I meet.

SCBWI Member