I love visiting schools and interacting with students! My presentations are each focused primarily around one book, but I am happy to work with librarians and teachers to customize visits as well. Sessions last 30 minutes-an hour, depending on the ages of students and are usually priced as half days or full days. Below is a brief summary of presentations currently offered. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

Super Moon

Using a variety of props, including a power point, we talk about the tools I used to build the Super Moon story, both literary and artistically. I bring original art work and explain the whole process from thumbnail sketches to a dummy book to final paintings and then photoshop finishes. During the presentation, students are learning interesting information about subjects within the story such as super moons and granite formations. Students take part in a variety of ways, even becoming a superhero themselves. They also learn how to draw their own super hero emblem. (ages kindergarten-fourth grade)

The Funny Bug

For the littlest ones (preschool-kindergarten), I bring a special funny bug to help me read the story. We talk about bugs, all kinds of bugs and what would happen if they were funny. They help me draw a few funny bugs as we discuss in simple fashion, the power of funnies, known to adults as humor and attitudes. Then its time to help them tell their own funny bug story.

Today I Am A Penguin

The Antarctic setting is loaded with captivating information to share with curious students. With a power point presentation and props, I cover everything from crafting the story and illustrations to imaginary journeys in literature along with tons of fascinating information about the coldest place on earth and the penguins who live there. Before we wrap up, we take a close look at characterization, both literary and in illustration as students help create some anthropomorphic penguin characters of their own. (first grade-fifth grade)

Sparky Books

Sparky books are written by the director of SPARK Worldwide International, an organization that helps orphans in many countries all over the world. Presentations for these books focus on the countries each book takes place in and how I write about and illustrate settings I have never visited personally. I bring props and my original artwork and talk about the process of illustrating a story about real boys and girls. We talk about what it is like to live in these countries and compare them to ours and what we can do, even in a small way, to help other children in need. Students help brainstorm ideas of how to use their unique talents and gifts in ways that help others.

Workshops: I offer several art workshops  that can span one class period or several. Please email me for content information.

From Librarians:

Melissa Ross has a unique combination of talents. She is not only a great author and fabulous illustrator, but also a wonderful presenter. Her Supermoon presentation centered around tools that represented the writing process. Teachers and students alike connected to these analogies and to Melissa's engaging presentation! We were thrilled to have her and love the fact that her presentation was such a great learning experience.

Amy Thomas (Fredericksburg Elementary)

Our students and faculty very much enjoyed Ms. Ross and were impressed by her presentations. We would definitely like for Ms. Ross to return to our school.

Ivan Campbell (Liberty Elementary)